Local SEO Packages in TX


When we take on a new client we do so after a full audit to establish the current health of your website.  We will let you know if we find anything unexpected and work with you to bring light to any issues you are currently facing. At the other end of the scale we may also just say things look great let’s get started!


This is the starting point of any campaign we offer and should be completed within the first month, in essence we obtain service break downs from all the major competitors in your local area as well as the 3 nearest cities in order to develop content for your website that is far more comprehensive and descriptive than anything locally.   We then develop a site structure to present this information for visitors to the website in the best possible way.  We design this visually using a unique mind map approach which will really help you understand how the website should be set up for maximum results.

See also Local Web Marketing.


There is nothing like a good interactive report to get you involved, you get monthly online reports, and time tracking PDFs to show you exactly what we have been doing.


It’s very important for you to get reviews, that’s why we have a full system dedicated to giving you all the tools you will need to make this process as easy as possible.


Have an issue?  Maybe you’re not sure what is going on with your reviews, or your not getting the results even though we are generating more web traffic.  We can a lot of the time help with this by digging deep in to your local profile.


We source talented in-house article writers and teach them on how we want local content written.  If you have specific needs we will take these in to consideration before we begin a content strategy so we can tailor your needs and goals exactly how you want it.


There are a few different techniques to improving your site for SEO purposes, we take care of things at page level and site level.  We also implement very advanced strategies with small tweaks that when combined really do help give you the edge over the competition.


We find fix and build citations every month.  You then get a beautiful interactive citation report showing the progress.


Whether it’s ranking issues that need resolving or just having the edge over the competition, we implement advanced techniques for both optimizing the G+ listing and Onsite SEO.  When combined it can really move the needle and make the difference.


  • Full SEO Audit
  • Competition Analysis
  • Account Creation & Migration
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Quality Citations Built
  • Easy Review System
  • 2 SEO Optimized Articles per Month
  • Unique Mind Map Process for Better Local Organic Rankings
  • Advanced SEO Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Onsite & G+ Optimization