Christmas Day with the Cherry’s

Christmas in our family has never been typical, but it has always been traditional. Christmas morning is always spent at the Cherry house where Nana makes her famous (for our family) cinnamon rolls, and there is a mountain of perfectly wrapped gifts under the tree. The most comfy tradition of all though is that we

The Importance of Website Navigation

The design of a website’s navigation has a bigger impact on success or failure than almost any other factor. It affects traffic and search engine rankings. It affects conversions and user-friendliness. One of the most important elements to remember when designing your website’s navigation is to make it intuitive. Most websites use a horizontal menu

The Importance of Keywords for Optimizing Blog Views:

Before beginning your blog, think about what keywords you will want to emphasize to optimize your blog views and increase your chances of being read. While this may at first seem easy, choose the words you know are a part of the lingo, this can create an unwanted barrier to your blog views. If your

Fall is finally here!!

It is finally winter in Houston. On Thursday it was a warm 82 and I came home from work and put on shorts to walk my dogs. On Saturday, it was 34 at 7:00 am when I again walked my dogs. The very definition of winter in Houston. For many, this is their favorite time

Updating Your Theme to Maintain Your Connection with Your Customers:

Success for a brick and mortar business is repeat customers. If a customer is not impressed enough by your business to come back themselves; they are unlikely to recommend you to someone else. However, no matter how much they love your store, restaurant, or other business, they will not return often if the experience is

Using Social Media to Improve Customer Insights:

Until now, my social media posts have focused on creating posts that will attract customers and keep your current customers engaged. Today, I want to focus on using social media to listen to your customers. Specifically, by reading the comments customers make to your posts, you can directly gain insight into how your business is